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Hello, my name is Carly Panzenboeck. It is my belief that many of our present day problems are a reflection of pain from our past.

You may have experienced an event, situation or trauma that affected you negatively and it continues to shadow your life today and may show up to affect you mentally, emotionally and even physically.

Even if you are unaware of the what may have “happened”, you are aware that something is just not right or you just don’t feel good. Whatever the case, your answers are within you and our memories include mental pictures, bodily sensations, smells, emotions and thoughts.

You may have many symptoms and emotions such as: anger, sadness, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, stress,loneliness, self-hate, depression, addiction, PTSD, and more.

With your desire, willingness and courage I will facilitate you as you face the pain that has been calling you to pay attention.


“Before working with Carly I was struggling with depression. I was dealing with a lot of really heavy stuff from my past. I didn’t feel like I wanted to be alive anymore.

Carly was recommended to me by a friend. After my session with Carly I started keeping a positive journal. Most of us keep journals and only write negative things in it, so Carly recommended I do nothing but put positive stuff in my journal. After my session with Carly I started to feel better, I felt like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I started writing in my new journal every single day for one whole year. Things in my past where no longer haunting me. I have not since my session with Carly felt the need to commit suicide, I’m not up all night long crying anymore, I feel like I have another chance at being happy.

My life has changed drastically, I’ve been dating an amazing man since, he has two wonderful children and my life couldn’t be better.”

– Anuschuka –

“I have been having regular hypnotherapy sessions with Carly for the past 4 months. The beautiful thing about this type of therapy is that the focus is on finding the root cause. Other therapies I’ve experienced work on masking the pain or making the problem just “stop.” Doing this work with Carly has helped to pinpoint the exact issue/negative experience from the past that is still affecting me and causing pain and fear in my life today. Carly works to essentially re-wire your brain and the emotions triggered by that negative experience to heal it, and allow oneself to move on from that trauma. I will continue to highly recommend Carly to anyone interested in trying hypnotherapy for the first time, or experiencing it again. Her calm, gentle and professional approach immediately establishes trust and exchange in this thorough and successful form of therapy. She is a joy to work with!”

– Michele Pritchard, Early Childhood Educator, Comox, B.C. –

“Carly is compassionate and capable of making anyone feel comfortable even in their most fragile, vulnerable state. She is the epitome of what a therapist should be, knowledgable and proficient in her work. She made me feel accepted, but most importantly she taught me how to explore the emotions i had been ignoring. Before I began work with Carly I was clinically depressed. I felt encapsulated in a world of dark unhappiness but I could not explain the trigger to my emotions. Through talk and tapping she was able to help me explore and distinguish past memories and guided me to the emotions I had suppressed. She taught me how to appreciate my flaws, embrace the lows in order to appreciate the highs to their greatest extent. After working with Carly I was able to pay more attention to myself and base my self worth on my own personal happiness instead of the judgement and scrutiny of others. We are not broken, just a little bit bent…”

– Claire –

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